Cold Process Soap Making
Cold Process Soap Making
Cold Process Soap Making
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Cold Process Soap Making

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Classes are held on Saturdays at Hayward workshop from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. 

In this class you will learn:

  • The basic chemistry of soap
  • The difference between handmade soap and commercial soap
  • The Equipment and Supplies needed to make Soap
  • The safety precautions necessary when making soap
  • The Ingredients needed to make soap
  • The basic soap making process.


 In Addition, Learn how to:


  • Line a soap mold
  • Prepare soap making oils & additives
  • Safely prepare a lye solution
  • Select natural colorants for your soap
  • Select essential oils to scent your soap
  • Properly mix your soap before pouring into a mold.


 You Will Take Home:


  • You will make and take home 20 ounces of soap
  • Step-by –Step Soap Making Instructions
  • Oil Saponification Chart
  • List of all equipment to get started
  • List of suppliers
  • List of Soap Making Resources
  • Soap Recipe and Formulation Worksheet
  • Cure Cards
  • Ph Strips
  • 10 beginner cold process recipes