Goat's Milk Soap displayed with herbs
Creamy Goat's Milk Soap
Creamy Goat's Milk Soap front view
Beauty By Francesca

Creamy Goat's Milk Soap

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Our handmade goat's milk soap bar is lathery, creamy and is a wonderful gentle cleanser. This bar is unscented and enriched with fine oats and raw honey which makes it great for baby skin, dry skin, sensitive skin and normal skin. Goat's milk soap nourishes the skin with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, all of which are critical to maintaining healthy, beautiful and glowing skin. Rich in caprylic acid and lactic acid, goat milk helps rejuvenate skin and remove dead skin cells. In addition to organic goat milk we added even more skin nourishing ingredients like: olive oil, mango butter, cocoa butter and organic oats.