You care about what you put in your body,

shouldn't you care about what you put on it?

Feed your skin

with all natural oils, butters, herbs, flowers & Essential Oils.

See what a difference all natural skin care can make!


Coconut Oil Soap Bar Coco-Shea Coconut Oil Soap Bar

Hydrating, Detoxing, Skin Balancing

Our Price: $10.00
Felicity Body Oil


Our Price: $14.00
Handmade Lavender Soap Lovely Lavender - Handmade Lavender Soap

Hydrate, Repair & Relax

Our Price: $7.50
Loofah Soap Bar Exfoliating Loofah Bar

Exfoliate, Moisturize and Cleanse!

Our Price: $7.50
Tub Truffle Bath Melts Tub Truffles


Our Price: $10.00
Coffee Soap Coffee Cake - Coffee Soap

Great for Cellulite & Stretch Marks

Our Price: $7.00

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